Label design for Pieroth Wine Company

Logo design, label design
Brand: L`air du temps / Pieroth Wein Company
Launch: 2018

Gliss Kur Relaunch 2018

Logo design, label design
Brand: Gliss Kur / Schwarzkopf / Henkel AG
Launch: 2018

BenFit Protein Bread

New Packaging Design from B.aries Design for protein breads of the new brand BenFit Nutrition, 2018

New Stilwerk branded wines for Bacchus-Internationale Weine GmbH

Logo design, Label design, Brand Communication
Brand: Stilwerk / Bacchus-Internationale Weine GmbH
Launch: 2018

Roo-Tattoo Wine Design for Pieroth

Logodesign, Etikettendesign, Markenkommunikation
Marke: Roo-Tattoo / Pieroth Deutschland GmbH
Veröffentlichung: 2017

Packaging design concept for sweets

Packaging design / brand communication
Brand: In house Design
Launch: 2017

Packaging Design for Poly Palette Naturals Colorations

Mood board of the Poly Palette Naturals Colorations
Packaging Design
Brand: Henkel / Schwarzkopf / Poly Palette
Launch: 2018

Packaging design for SIL Farbfänger

Packaging design / Moodboard
Brand: SIL
Launch: 2016


Baries Design GMBH is an independent, owner-run design agency focussed on packaging design. Located in Dusseldorf’s beautiful South and established in 2009, we work principally with clients in the cosmetics, food and FMCG sectors at both national and international level.

“As experts in showcasing and presenting brands, our passion for communication – aligned with talent for esthetic design – radiates through everything we do.



packaging design

Packaging design is our passion and our vocation, rather than merely one of many design disciplines. We package your products for maximum impact and ensure their stand-out appeal becomes a unique selling point in itself, capable of delivering the right messages without the need – or cost – of additional marketing support.
corporate design

In today’s tough marketplace, a credible, standardised corporate image is essential for economic success. From the outset, we investigate and test your product from all possible angles, with a particular emphasis on brand and logo. We enjoy the constant challenge of marrying form and function, along with practical considerations and the need to maximise brand-awareness/recognition.
design concepts

Your ideas are our starting point. We analyse your market, your customers and your business objectives, then put together a powerful brand framework. We focus on what really counts and develop the strategies and concepts you need to create a dynamic, long-term place for your brands and products in each marketplace. Our designs reflect the power and clarity of your brand, and are a springboard for sales success.
beauty for brands

Our work is strategically surprising, professionally creative, and underpinned by a fervour for outstanding design. As experts in showcasing and presenting brands, our passion for communication – aligned with talent for aesthetic design – radiates through everything we do. We take your products and infuse them with innovative, distinct branding that is designed to intrigue.

We give your ideas and products shape and looks, by way of sketches, 2D-previews, illustrations, and 3D-objects in virtual spaces – or a combination of techniques. Our skilled team creates a whole, vivid world for you to present in the most appropriate way: mood-board, photorealistic 2D-file, or virtual 3D-object . . . in one fascinating moment, your product comes to life.

Following a successful virtual presentation, we move on to the physical product itself. You may want to be able to hold it in your hands, or see 3D-prints. Either way, we create what you need to go to the next stage. We cover the entire spectrum of prototype construction. Any final doubts are dispelled. Shape and true colour are determined. Your vision is complete!

“Packaging design is our passion and our vocation, rather than merely one of many design discipline.



“We package your products for maximum impact and ensure their stand-out appeal becomes a unique selling point in itself, capable of delivering the right messages without the need – or cost – of additional marketing support.





Welcome to our baries design team section. Here you will find the professionals behind all creative ideas. Each one is a specialist on his or her mission to develop exceptional designs for your brand and its success. We are your partner for innovative design strategies and outstanding concepts in the area of packaging design and brand design. We not only develop the good form as sketch or CGI but also offer distinctive corporate design, starting with the brand logo and ending with the POS displays in the market. That’s what makes us the perfect one stop creative team to meet your needs.

Joana-Maria Bauchwitz


Bettina Felkel

Office and Account Management

Andreea Armbruster

Art Director Graphic

Michael Müller

Art Director Graphic

Andreas Müller-Eissing

Art Director Product

Nader Wintz

Art Director Graphic

Susanne Zehnpfennig

Art Director Graphic

Juan Romero del Hombre Bueno

Design Engineer

Helena Niedens

Art Director Graphic

Anne-Claire Schall

Art Director Graphic

Doerthe Bogart

Junior Art Director Product

Fabian Hein

Media Designer

Yvonne Yeboah

Junior Art Director Product

Nils Woters

Junior Art Director Product

We are always excited to get to know new characters.
So if you see yourself as a creative open-minded support for our team, go ahead and submit your portfolio to:


b.aries design gmbh
burghofstraße 40
40223 düsseldorf

fon: +49 211 957 719 0
fax: +49 211 957 719 60

joana-maria bauchwitz
bernd harm


b.aries design gmbh
burghofstraße 40
40223 düsseldorf

fon: +49 211 957719 0
fax: +49 211 957 719 60

joana-maria bauchwitz, bernd harm

hrb düsseldorf 6116

sales tax identification number

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