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Sustainability, Re-/ Upcycling, resource protection… all these have become major key words in our work routine and their importance will grow in times of accelerating global warming, rising territorial wars and occurring Trumps.

However, ANTI, a multi-disciplinary agency based in Norway found a sculptural way to combine sustainable design and the art of woodcraft in an adorable appearance. “THE BIRDS” of Lars Beller Fjetland is reminder for trash being a misplaced resource, which should be valued instead of being damned.

Lars Beller Fjetland „THE BIRDS“

Lars Beller Fjetland „THE BIRDS“

“[It] started out as leftover wood or ignored trash, but has been turned into desired pieces of «feel-good woodcraft».“(Anti) We totally understand this development and agree on the importance of this topic. Since we’re always eager to include sustainable thinking in our designs we think this creative (and undeniably cute) idea deserves being shared.

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