A new snack conquer the market

New food packaging design

The challenge

The design should represent the handmade production method and the long history. Further it should communicate the healthy and vegan recipe as well as it should have a ecological and recycable packing.

The background

Taube Nüsse is a small owner-managed company thats aim it is to establish a traditional Georgian snack called Chuchkhela. This natural energy bar is made from walnuts and grape-couverture, free from any preservatives and 100% vegan. Hundrets of years before warriors and shepherds appreciated the Churchkhelas and it is still traditionally made in Tiflis and imported to Germany.

Our work

The sustainable packaging – a natural cardboard box in which only a small window reveals the delicious contents – was given by the client. Illustrations specially designed for this products connect this new brand with the long history of the product. It is still produced according to traditional methods from hand-picked ingredients. Small, playful details fit perfectly into coarser elements, a seal creates trust in the authenticity of the manufaction and the colors reduced to basic colors manifest the centuries-old origin of the Churchkhelas. More variants with various nuts are in planning and will be distinguishable by different colors. So stay tuned and check out these delicious snacks.

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