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The new design for Pril Strong & Natural convinces with a pure look

Pril is one of the great traditional brands in Germany when it comes to performance and trust. Hence it’s all the more important for the brand to create a product line for its loyal consumers that meets the challenges in terms of sustainability and naturalness without sacrificing any of its renowned reliability. With our new design we have supported Pril on its path to a new naturalness.

Pril Strong & Natural, Henkel, Launch 2022, bottle label design

Pril Strong & Natural, Henkel, Launch 2022, bottle label design


The green drop for natural power


To combine naturalness with performance and communicate clearly to consumers, we have kept the drop as an iconic element. It conveys the cleaning power that distinguishes Pril products, while simultaneously communicating purity and naturalness through its green colour and the subtle integration of the fragrance. To emphasise these features, the Pril logo was also adapted by colouring the drop.

The refill pouch saves up to 70% plastic and thus marks a right step towards greater sustainability in the household. The illustration of the pump dispenser design on the pouch offers particularly easy orientation for consumers at the shelf. The shape of the bottles forms a transparent window which, just like the real bottle, conveys the naturalness and purity of the product. Additionally the design features a large disruptive element to show the advantages of the refill pouch at one glance.


It was very exciting to join a big traditional brand like Pril on its way to greater sustainability. The development of its corresponding refill pouch was a matter close to our hearts. It makes saving plastic so easy for consumers!


Pril Strong & Natural, Henkel, Launch 2022, bottle and refill pouch design

Pril Strong & Natural, Henkel, Launch 2022, bottle and refill pouch design


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The new Syoss China styling relaunch is chic and effortless

In 2022 Schwarzkopf released the new Syoss China styling relaunch, developed with baries design.
The range is empowered by Japanese ingredients & craftmanship. Efficient, yet caring – tough on hold and gentle on the hair. Qualities that are reflected in the design.

Schwarzkopf, Syoss China, styling range relaunch 2021, developed with baries design

Schwarzkopf, Syoss China, styling, relaunch 2022, developed with baries design


The design features fashionable salon-expertise representing an urban and modern style.


Syoss is a hair styling range with formulas developed and used by professional hairdressers and hairstylists. The Syoss formulas are especially designed to meet the specific needs of each hairstyle. With the new MicroSculpt particles (fine micro-polymers) it is possible to achieve long-lasting hold while creating an invisible and effortless finished look. This new lightweight formula contains Japanese ingredients and conditioning agents for better care and nourishment of the hair.

When designing the hair styling range, it was important to retain the benefits of the previous design language which featured eye-catching colours as well as consistent, clear product information. In addition, the colours helped the customer to distinguish more easily between the different product lines. The objective was to redesign the packaging in order to incorporate the new “Syoss care concept” inspired by J-Beauty. In response to the demand for non-harmful styling ingredients, the brand’s mission was to create a design language that reflects these new values. Thus the design should be minimalist, clean, unisex, of high quality and well organized. Moreover, the design should incorporate the styling category look and be eye-catching on shelve.

The colour gradient on the iconic black Syoss container guarantees strong shelf impact. Depending on each selected Japanese ingredient the gradient on the container varies in colour. Additionally, the design includes an innovative and artistic icon, picturing the hold level. This eye-catching detail also embodies the professional aspect of the design. The design shows fashionable Salon-expertise representing an urban and modern style.


Smart chic, effortless elegance and a trustworthy quality merge in this exceptional design.



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The monotony of the last stretch and the anticipation of the coming year

As every year, we are sending our Christmas and New Year’s greetings in a creative format: a conceptual champagne packaging design that symbolically reflects the past year 2021 as well as the expectations for the coming year 2022. In this second pandemic year, our baries champagne packaging design combines the monotony of the last stretch and the anticipation of the coming year.

Monotony & Futurism – baries Champagne Packaging Design of the Year 2021

Monotony & Futurism – baries Champagne Packaging Design of the Year 2021


Our work

We are rounding off the year with a combination of shape, color and material to create a unique composition.
This year our packaging is set in a scene of different objects that we paradoxically have become both fond and tired of in the home office setting and is monochromatically immersed in the Pantone Color of the year 2022 ‚Very Peri‘ which fittingly underlines the zeitgeist.

Monotony & Futurism – baries Champagne Packaging Design of the Year 2021  -Pantone color of the year 2022 "very peri"

Monotony & Futurism – baries Champagne Packaging Design of the Year 2021, home office items in the Pantone Color of the year 2022 “Very Peri”


Cheers to Transformation and Futurism

Just as the colour reflects times of change, the premium silver packaging contrasts the monochrome everyday objects in above packaging scene. The cut-outs in the packaging provide a hopeful perspective after a period of monotony.
Although we will carry on with the home office in 2022, we hope for a future full of contrasts, transformation as well as digital and aesthetic futurism.

Packaging Design Detail: Monotony & Futurism – baries Champagne Packaging Design of the Year 2021

Monotony & Futurism – baries Champagne Packaging Design of the Year 2021, futuristic packaging in metallic silver with revealing cut outs


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„Content design means brand building beyond packaging design“

In 2020 the Henkel Schwarzkopf team asked us to create video content designs for two of their social media campaigns and we were happy to assist the brands with design work that goes beyond packaging design.

The brief
  • Catch attention on the Schwarzkopf social media channels
  • Motivate viewer to participate on social projects
  • Create short but interesting videos & additional content material

Schauma “Family Action“ campaign by Schwarzkopf

The idea behind this campaign was to generate possible family projects during the first corona lockdown in 2020. With kids being homeschooled and having no possibilities to meet with friends, this Schauma campaign provided a welcome, creative and fun alternation.
Families should be motivated to craft something creative out of old shampoo bottles. The best ideas could win a Schauma package for the whole family. We are at least as happy as the winners about this initiative and that we were able to support this family-friendly and sustainable project. #upcycling

Our work

The aim of the campaign is a super family-friendly, funny and happy look and feel. It is intended to speak to both parents and their children. Therefore, we shot an authentic video ourselves in which one of our designers is doing handicrafts with her son at home. In combination with short and incisive calls to action and happy background music, we have created an appealing and emotional video.

In addition, we used one of the crafting ideas from the Schauma team as further inspiration and created a simple, easy-to-understand, yet entertaining crafting manual for an Instagram carousel post.

Schwarzkopf & Henkel‘s charity campaign with DFB

The second video content was created to promote Schwarzkopf & Henkel‘s DFB collectors edition campaign via the social media channels. In 2020, even the European soccer championship was cancelled, due to the pandemic. Nevertheless, the Schauma, Taft and Fa teams decided to launch their planned collectors packaging design edition of the national team anyways. To support amateur clubs, who where also hit by the crisis, Henkel brought a fundraising campaign to life. With every sold product from the collectors‘ edition, 10 cents were donated.

Our work

Accordingly, the design of the social media content follows the design rules of the packaging design. We have created a suitable call-to-action video that shows the products and explains the fundraising campaign, but also has an emotional twist with pictures of soccer playing kids.

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