In 2020, Brüder Mannesmann launched the new Ecoline toolboxes for the environmentally conscious craftsman.

ecologically responsible toolboxes made out of bamboo

The aim in designing the toolbox was to target a younger audience and to develop a CO2-neutral concept that is trendy and environmentally conscious. The design had to be simple and easy to adapt. In addition, the toolbox had to be made of bamboo and needed to be FSC-certified. In addition, we also had to develop a new logo adaptation that conveys the new ecological orientation of the brand. The term Ecoline in combination with the green colour represents the new values of the brand.
The product should cause as little emissions as possible during production. Furthermore, its premium character had to be kept, as it is high-priced but still more affordable than the competition.
The design of the Brüder Mannesmann tool box is simple and of high quality. The ecological aspect of the design is evident in the choice of green colour, as well as the icons and the bamboo material. The typography is bold, yet restrained to give an impression of confidence and reliability.


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