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Launch of first meat alternatives by Metro’s private label ‚Chef‘

In 2021 Metro launched its first veggie products – a new range offering meat alternatives such as plant-based beef, gyros or shoarma strips.


The growing trend of substituting meat is an important part of today’s eco-conscious society and we’re happy to join forces with Metro to promote more sustainable food consumption.

Our task was to develop the packaging design for the new plant-based food range „Veggie“ – a product line intended to meet the growing appetite for plant-based foods whilst speaking to convenience shoppers in terms of design. Because Metro is a wholesaler, it’s of particular importance to direct the design towards chefs rather than the end consumer. Additionally, the design had to be integrated into and beyond the existing corporate identity of the umbrella brand ‘Chef’.

Our work

Despite the growing trend of plant-based foods, many people still doubt whether the products will taste as good as their meat-based counterparts. Therefore, it was key to not only communicate the eco-friendliness of the products but also an appealing taste.

METRO Chef Veggie, Plant-Based Food, Packaging Design 2021, developed with baries

METRO Chef Veggie, Plant-Based Food, Packaging Design 2021, developed with baries

The primary colour in the veggie-category is green, which we combined with a light wood look in order to communicate naturalness and freshness. An integrated viewing window as well as an appetising product presentation aim to convince consumers of the product’s deliciousness and similar taste to its non-veggie version. Moreover, imperfect and colourful fonts create a natural look and feel while the subtle illustration of the logo on top adds a slightly playful element.

Nowadays icons are crucial for consumer education and make it much easier to understand actual properties of the product. In addition to the three pictograms on the bottom of the label, we included a more prominent disruptive element in the top left to highlight the plant-based quality. The animal from which the non-veggie food would have been derived is placed within the „meat-free“ icon showing the plant that is substituting its meat. This not only is a simple way of communicating the product clearly but also catches the consumer’s attention.

METRO Chef Veggie, Plant-Based Food, Packaging Design 2021, developed with baries

METRO Chef Veggie, Plant-Based Food, Packaging Design 2021, developed with baries

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Traditional craftsmanship meets a modern, premium design (Germans would say “the design goes down like oil”, alluding to its smoothness).


The challenge

The Spanish family-owned brand ‘Aceites Arreaza’ was founded by the Arreaza family in 2021. Our creative designer Juan – whose roots are in Spain – maintains a personal connection to the family and introduced us to this special olive oil brand. Not only because of this, it’s been important to us to create an outstanding logo and label design but also because the olive oil is of superior quality and its limited production is very precious: the extra virgin olive oil of the type ‘Cornicabra’ is obtained from organic olives that are more than 1,200 years old and are thus called ‘Millenarios’. The olives are harvested in the Almazara Baños de Fuensanta in Bolaños de Calatraba (Ciudad Real) using the traditional ‘Vareo’ method which puts high emphasis on great care to not damage the olive tree.

The challenge was to combine the history of century-old olive trees, craftmanship and care with a modern and premium design language.


Arreaza Olive Oil Brand Identity & Packaging design 2021, developed by baries design

Arreaza Olive Oil Brand Identity & Packaging design 2021, developed by baries design


Our work

As a family-owned business the logo should have a personal character and bring across the care and passion the family puts into to their sourcing and production of this premium olive oil. Therefore, we’ve decided to design a symbol based on the letter A – the first letter of the family and brand name – which transforms into an oil drop. Moreover the design of this symbol follows a very minimal approach communicating a modern & premium brand identity.

Speaking of premium: except the golden logo, the entire label is designed non-chromatically. The subtle tree illustrations in the background represent the century-old olive trees, while the charismatic sans serifed typography used for the family name under the signet embraces the combination of old and new.

Due to the brand’s great success the family strives to create different varieties of their own olive groves, such as Picual and Alberquina, all of which are organically grown. We wish the family great success and can’t wait for the design of yet another special delicatessen!


Arreaza Olive Oil Brand Identity & Packaging design 2021, developed by baries design

Arreaza Olive Oil Brand Identity & Packaging design 2021, developed by baries design


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SUPERFOOD NUTRITION — healthy taste trend.

In 2020 baries developed and designed a new chocolate brand concept with the new superfood black fermented garlic.
SUPERFOOD NUTRITION is the first chocolate brand which combines fermented black garlic with delicious flavors.


Inspired by the ISM trade fair motto 2019 „healthy sweet“, we researched food trends and superfoods. So, we became aware of the superfood black fermented garlic. In the fermented state it retains its positive, healing properties, but the appearance and the smell change.
Due to its caramel taste, the idea was born to combine this superfood with high-quality fine chocolate and fruit ingredients.

Our design work

We want to develop an innovative chocolate brand which highlights the black fermented garlic and declares it as superfood. It should be noted, that the garlic bulbs get a black color due to its fermentation process. Therefore, we decided to conceptually state the black color for our packaging design. Additionally, the design got color accents, which were set by the ingredients such as lavender, caramel and strawberry. Above all, the choice of three different flavors in one package, but packed separately, gives this product its special exclusivity and uniqueness.

Most importantly, we need to stage the black garlic in such a way that the appetite is not lost.  And, the curiosity for new taste explosions is still maintained.
Therefore, we looked for an outstanding natural photograph of the black fermented garlic and combined it with the selected ingredients. Together with chocolate pieces, the ingredients are arranged in a still life composition.
The Black Garlic written in cursive letters adds emotion to the design and is an eye-catcher on the packaging.

Superfood black fermented garlic — discover this exceptional flavors

There are three signature fine choclate bars with a designed flavor variation of fermented Black Garlic &

  • Strawberry Pieces with Coconut Flakes
  • Balsamic Salt with Caramel Chips
  • Lavender Honey with Red Currant Jelly


Logo design

SUPERFOOD NUTRITION – The superfood nutrition brand is intended to give the consumer a healthy sweet alternative.
Therefore, the logo needs to have a natural and organic appearance. But, it should also reflects the high-quality aspect of the selective chocolate composition. Consequently, this is shown by a raw cacao bean in combination with a seal like structure of the logo.
Undoubtedly, pure elegance is the guiding principle for the logo design.


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Churchkhela food packaging design: A new snack conquers the market

The challenge

The design for Taube Nüsse should represent the handmade production method and the long history. Further, it should communicate the healthy and vegan recipe. Moreover, it should be created as an ecological and recyclable packing.

The background

Taube Nüsse is a small owner-managed company thats aim it is to establish a traditional Georgian snack called Chuchkhela. This natural energy bar is made from walnuts and grape-couverture, free from any preservatives and 100% vegan. Hundreds of years before warriors and shepherds appreciated the Churchkhelas. It is still traditionally made in Tiflis and imported to Germany.

Our work

The sustainable Churchkhela food packaging design idea was given by the client. Consequently, a natural cardboard box is used. Only a small window reveals the delicious contents. Today, the product is still produced according to traditional methods from hand-picked ingredients.

We want to connect this new brand with the long history of the product. Therefore, we designed special illustrations for this food packaging. Small, playful details fit perfectly into coarser elements. A seal creates trust in the authenticity of the manufaction. Above all, we reduced the colors to basic colors. So, the packaging design manifests the centuries-old origin of the Churchkhelas. More variants with various nuts are in planning and will be distinguishable by different colors.

So, stay tuned and check out these delicious snacks.

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BenFit Nutrition packaging design. The new revolutionary protein bread from Benfit is in the market! Benfit is a start-up company from Düsseldorf.
Nutritionist and fitness coach Ben produces white bread with a high protein content which is low in fat, without preservatives and without added sugar – and it tastes great too!

For a conscious low carbohydrate nutrition. FIT BY HIGH PROTEIN.