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In 2019, the new Vademecum bio kids design featuring ‚Happy Companions‘ was added to the Vademecum bio toothpaste portfolio.

The brief
  • Communication of the free-from formula combining scientific expertise with natural extracts
  • Matching color coding to the Vademecum bio baseline
  • Creation of cute child-friendly characters featured in a minimalistic drawing style


Our work

For the new Vademecum bio kids line we developed the packaging design & illustrated two individual characters to embody the ingredients and taste of the toothpaste. The mint and the strawberry are very cute and illustrated with bright and happy colors. The friendly design and characters will help to make brushing teeth a fun thing to do for children.

In order to highlight that the toothpaste is completely organic, a natural pastel color tone and recycled paper structure were used for the basis of the pack. Furthermore, the „Bio“ -seal was placed in a prominent and freestanding position, to make it clearly visible to the customer.

We used a simple and easily understandable color coding, which harmonizes with the color of the illustration, to differentiate the two sorts and to highlight the user age recommendations.
Vademecum Bio Kids on the web

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