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“A summer day outside” – for a beautiful summer at home

It’s finally summer! Due to the pandemic, travelling around the world is still easier said than done for most people. But luckily you don’t have to travel far to feel the sun and summer breeze on your face. Flower fields, bike rides and lovely patterned summer dresses are just a few of the things that turn a summer at home into fun.

If we think about summer at baries design, the Summer Repair line by Gliss Kur is one of the first things that pop up in our mind as in recent years we were consulted to design its limited packaging edition.
This year, we give the consumers a summer feeling without showing exotic beaches or sceneries. „A summer day outside“ is the theme of the Summer Repair design 2021.

But this is not the only reason why this year’s summer edition is special: for the first time we will design our summer edition straight onto our brand-new bottle shapes which we developed during the Gliss Kur relaunch last year!


Our work

The Gliss Kur summer repair edition is a product the consumers are looking forward to every summer. They love spending time outside in the sun. However, sun exposure, salt water and chlorine can cause damage leading to faded colour and dry hair. Consumers want to enjoy the summer without worrying about possible hair damage and thus appreciate beauty products with an emotional design they can relate to.

Therefore, the new summer repair design has a strong colour coding and design elements that evoke an enjoyable summer feeling. Especially the big pink flower in the centre of the design alludes to the floral scent of the formula. It sits on top of a light blue background that symbolizes the fresh blue of the summer sky. The blue colour complements the yellow bottle that stands for the warmth of the sun. Additionally, the design is topped off by a colourful and playful pattern. All in all, the composition reflects the warm feeling of a beautiful summer day outside.

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In 2021, Schwarzkopf launched a new innovative treatment solution developed together with baries design. The Gliss Kur 7 sec Express Repair treatment does not only repair hair in the glimpse of an eye but also immediately stands out on the shelf due to its strong colour effect providing a unique look. All these features are reflected in the packaging design.

New treatment design, combining label and bottle in a symbiosis of transparency, contrast & colour

With increasingly demanding lifestyles, the need for faster solutions and quick results is constantly growing. Inspired by Korean skincare traditions, the new in-shower transformative hair masks offer the benefits of a traditional mask in just 7 seconds, delivering intense repair for exceptional hair quality. These water-active masks contain a high concentration of powerful ingredients, achieving maximum results in minimum time.

Our work

When designing the product, it was very important to showcase the innovative effect of the mask which delivers the ultimate result in just 7 seconds. Therefore, we highlighted the 7 seconds with the help of concise typography. In addition, number and text are cut out so that more of the liquid mask inside the bottle is visible. At the same time the coloured liquid matches the respective signature ingredient such as black pearl serum, cranberry extract & marula oil. Together with the black label and the gold finish contours, the overall design impression is reduced, yet sophisticated and premium.

Schwarzkopf Gliss Kur 7sec Express Repair Treatment, designed by baries design

Schwarzkopf Gliss Kur 7sec Express Repair Treatment, designed by baries design


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Animation and CGI as parts of our digital future

As a packaging agency, we naturally move with the times and evolve alongside the digital future. For this reason, our clients already appreciate our expertise in the field of animation and CGI.
For this project the Schauma and Fa team tasked us with developing an advertising campaign for the social media space. The aim of the campaign under the main theme „UEFA EURO 2020“ was to activate customers for a competition. Schauma and Fa have launched matching products on the market, which represent the players of the national team. The aim is to increase sales through an accompanying lucky draw. If a customer purchases four products of the series, they can win a national team gym bag for free.


Our work

When designing the animation, we were inspired by the DFB’s world of colours and incorporated the rules of the overarching corporate design.
Our only restrictions were to adhere to the font „DFB Sans“ and to the proportions of the different colours. Likewise, the bottles of the respective players had to be represented.
Despite the constraints, we managed to give the video a pleasant flow and a dynamic look that will catch the eye of the target group and hopefully meets our client’s expectations..
One of the tasks was to adapt the video frequency to different asset formats, which have now been placed on the popular German internet site „“. Furthermore, the assets were published on the Facebook and Instagram pages of
This advertising campaign is based on the previous campaign we developed last year. However, due to the Corona crisis the European Football Championship is only taking place this year. In the previous campaign, football clubs that suffered from the pandemic’s repurcussions were supported through the purchase of the products.
DFB activation campaign on the web

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Always on the lookout for the latest trends in design and lifestyle, it is our goal to offer the customer the perfect product. Our internal baries projects bring our own ideas to life to constantly develop and promote our creative potential.


PRIDE LIPS for pride month and beyond

At baries, we have observed in recent years that diversity is becoming more and more relevant. The movement moved out of the niche and gained the awareness of the masses. That’s why we started conceptual brainstorming already last year and developed our own diverse product concept. Today, diversity is extremely important. We take pride month 2021 as an occasion to share our PRIDE LIPS for celebrating tolerance and diversity in society.
Kissing and hugging are important and of special significance to all of us, especially in times of social distancing. That’s why we wanted to celebrate „kissing“ with special KISS KITS that encourage people to interact, have fun and connect with each other.

PRIDE LIPS kiss kits - color range, designed by baries design

PRIDE LIPS kiss kits – color range, designed by baries design


Our work

When designing the PRIDE LIPS kiss kits, the idea was to express diversity and joy through the packaging design. For each colour of the iconic PRIDE FLAG we created its own lip gloss and lip liner.
The packaging design features different lip expressions that convey a special, exaggerated expression and provoke in a humorous way. The witty and provocative names of each packaging invite the user to have fun and embrace unexpected happenings.
To make the colours stand out, we decided to use a white packaging box. This way, the depicted colours resemble a colour chart. For the lips illustrations, we chose a poppy style that reminds of comic art. In combination with the logo – a speech bubble that playfully links to the illustration – this creates a harmonious packaging design.


Trendwatch – bold & colorful beauty

Obviously, the colours of our kiss kits are based on the rainbow of the iconic LGBT flag. However, they are no stranger to the beauty & make up world.
Thanks to the open and tolerant web culture, all colours and looks are accepted and celebrated. It is IN to express one’s individuality and mood. For this reason, each PRIDE LIPS variety has its own character expressed through its unique colour, illustration & playful title. Therefore the brand encourages the consumer to try out and embrace various looks.
be brave, be bold, be free, be pride!

PRIDE LIPS kiss kits, designed by baries design

PRIDE LIPS kiss kits, designed by baries design


Brand & Logo Design

Our PRIDE LIPS brand is loud and proud. In fact, our kiss kits are designed for those who are not afraid to attract attention but are proud of their individual beauty. Not just for the LGBTQ+ community, but for everyone who makes their own beauty statement.
To highlight the brands‘ extroverted character, the logo is designed as a speech bubble. The individual product names that are positioned below the speech bubble thus become ambassadors for the brand name.
As the black logo stands in striking contrast to the packaging design and monochrome approach, the design gets an avant-garde and arty feel.
In addition, the logo immediately catches the eye and strengthens the brand. It also offers a great canvas for the typology. In order to integrate the rainbow effect of the LGBTQ+ flags in every single product, the typo in the logo is coloured with a gentle rainbow gradient. In contrast, the font is straightforward reinforcing the brand’s strong character.


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Graphic Interpretation of Hygienic Skin Care

In 2020, we developed a new packaging design in the skin care segment for Kascin. The designs for the Acne patches convince with graphic modernity and discreet playfulness. Here it was important to combine the naturalness with the hygienic aspect of the product to create a coherent design.


Our work

We at baries decided to work with reduced and clinical elements, so the medical effect of the product is highlighted. The graphics adapt the look of the respective patches and are a transparent solution. To focus directly on the essentials, the product name is written vertically, which attracts attention. The XL is highlighted by the typographic reference to the visual elements.

Through the graphic elements and the reduction, the packaging radiates a modern and simple look. The individual products are color-coded, and here we decided on cool tones. Especially the main color white arouses confidence.

In summary, there is a good mix between the clarity in the typography and the playfulness of the graphic elements. We developed a new concept for a packaging design which can be used for other Kascin products in the future.

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