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Innovation driven future.
By Joana-Maria Bauchwitz.

A growing green consumer conscience leads to an innovation pressure on established cosmetics manufacturers. Many beauty brands have understood that without a sustainable masterplan in packaging and formula, they will not persist in the future beauty market.

Topview of Amber Valletta makeup products for Douglas laying on a light rose background

Amber Valletta makeup product selection for Douglas

A product must be completely thought out, which of course must also be reflected in the design of the packaging. Packaging is the emotional carrier and representative of product ideology. The consumer reflects himself in the message of the product and is persuaded after the FMOT (first moment of truth) and convinced by secondary packaging information and haptics. Keywords such as “biodegradable”, “PCR” (Post Consumer Recycled), “natural ingredients”, “free from” or certificates from prestigious institutes underline the implemented environmental idea. The consumer understands what is good for the environment, is also good for me.

Recycling and sustainability

Topshot of three packagings of the new Schwarzkopf coloration brand "Only Love"

Design and packaging design for the new Schwarzkopf brand “Only Love”

Recycling is still a main factor. Sustainable innovations in the field of materials and filling communicate a conscious approach to the environment and offer potential for the explorer. Especially the material-related innovations in sustainability combined with functional and efficient application solutions convince the customer of the product’s added value. Application time, practicability and experience factor are intrinsically important and make the difference. A product must proof what it promises and show demonstrable results. The challenge for beauty R&D departments will rise, which can already be seen in the steady budget growth of recent years.

Speed to market.
The resulting product innovations and trends only become valuable through a rapid market placement.

Young digital beauty start-ups have understood this. With limited editions and cross-channel marketing, they grow up to three times faster as established industry players and serve as innovation leaders. The consumer is convinced by natural, resource-saving and energy-yielding products and the manufacturer sells authentic products.

Published 28.04.2019 in the Creativ Verpacken magazin.

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