Technology evolves with the Power of Nature

Gliss Kur by Schwarzkopf is well-known for longstanding expertise in hair technology. Nevertheless, natural ingredients play a big role in performing formulas. With the new Gliss Kur Bio-Tech Restore Schwarzkopf didn‘t only offer a new formula that combines both. Instead, together we also set a new focus on design. A visual breakthrough of the power of nature in technology!

  • Visualize the biological Phyto-Stem Cell Complex and Rose Water
  • Set a new focus on the power of nature in technology
  • Keep the brand identity recognizable
Gliss Kur Bio-Tech Restore technological mood composition

Gliss Kur Bio-Tech Restore shampoo, conditioner and hair mask with competence and strength


Our work

We have worked with Gliss Kur for over a decade. Following, we were excited about this new natural-technological approach and an innovative design for the new sub line Bio-Tech Restore!

„The Power of Nature“ – Visual

Our focus during the project was the visualization of the natural ingredients.

Starting with the rose water, we developed a new way of showing the traditional flower in a technological context. We visually used the X-Ray machine technology to show the rose blossom in a very detailed and enlightened cross-section. With this ambivalence between represented element and presentation style we mastered the challenge to unite natural ingredient with Gliss Kur’s technology approach. To stress the biological appearance, the flower is embedded in a liquid, which shape is amorphous and organic. Inside, Phyto-Stem Cells are showed with additional small pink liquid bubbles.

Besides, the communication is empowered with a new on top icon, that is claiming “The Power of Nature“. We designed a decent, graphic frame with a chemical form language that leaves open space for the visual.

The Power of Color

The color contrast between pink and green catches attention and enhances the natural impact. The specific green color tone distinguishes from classic organic products on the market and refers to the technological aspect. It also gives a more premium appeal.

The Power of innovative Design

All in all, the visual is the new main actor on the pack. Unlike previous Gliss Kur packaging designs, which show the technological visuals enclosed in a box. Now, a square is used for the text, whereas the visual is unboxed. The new text background ensures easy and structured readability. However, the light transparency leaves still room for the visual. The ingredients get particularly more space to catch attention with the innovative composition and colorful implementation of naturalness in technology.

Gliss Kur Bio-Tech Restore range close up

Gliss Kur Bio-Tech Restore range close up

Gliss Kur Bio-Tech Restore on the web

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