The brand IGORA Vital has been in Latin American countries for more than 50 years and is well-established. It provides a unique treatment coloration combined of Keratin & Serin including 7 Oils. But these caring properties weren’t prominent enough on the brands packaging design. Therefore, it had to be emphasized as part of a brand relaunch.

The new packaging design of IGORA Vital brand relaunch

The aim was to make the brand the first option for women over 35 who are experiencing greys for the first time. To position the brand under the care concept, a packaging design with more advanced caring properties was required. For this reason, the following objectives should be taken into account:

  • Create an appealing look & feel leading to a superior market position.
  • Clear visualization of the benefit: perfect care while coloring.
  • Adapt the design structure to the Gliss Color architecture created by baries design.
  • Keep IGORA’s main elements to not lose current users of the well-known brand.


Our work

Together with the team from IGORA vital, we strengthened the brand position in the Latin American market. So, we were able to reinforce the brand’s unique selling proposition with a new packaging design.
We started to move the packaging design forward by adapting a more modern and structured design architecture as well as the colors of the packaging. To evoke a premium brand image and to not lose existing users at the same time, the elegant blue, red and gold have been kept. But now the colors are balanced in a new way such that a premium appearance is ensured. As an example, the background color red has been moved to the bottom part of the focal text box.
In order to appeal to a target group of 35+, who experience greys for the first time, a new model approach was required. In order to that, the new packaging design shows women in the age of the target consumer with a natural and approachable presence. Additionally, more modern fonts have been applied. Especially on the shade number – an important aspect influencing purchase decision – this transformation leads to a more elegant brand image.

prominent oil visualization on the packaging design to underline the intense care

Absolutely crucial was to communicate IGORA’S caring properties and to reinforce the caring concept: permanent coloration that does not only protect the hair from damage but treats the hair during the coloring process with an anti-breakage action. The new built-in ‘Color Care System’ uses the most advanced anti-hair-damage technology and 7 Oils complex for outstanding caring properties. Hence, our main focus was to include a very prominent oil visualization on the packaging design to underline the intense care. The oil visualization is a drop in a soft and smooth shape with inner texture and light reflections to make it stand out and give it a premium and caring character. To make it easier for consumers to understand the complex caring formula, we have decided to put focus on the 7 Oils complex and included this benefit on the drop in text form.



Through the elegant color tones and the new design architecture, the brand stays recognizable for existing users. At the same time, it transfers a more premium look & feel. With natural and approachable women, the right target group is addressed. Overall, the packaging design creates a more caring, modern and sophisticated brand image. An additional line extension for more mature women has been created by highlighting silver color tones. Thereby, the key target user can be addressed directly and a broader market may be explored.

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