Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


An extraordinary year is coming to an end and everybody has been facing extraordinary challenges. As a team, we are very proud everything has worked out so well. Of course, home office comes together with its ups and downs, but overall, we have managed to always stay in touch, have fun during team meetings and might even be closer than before with mastering these circumstances. Nevertheless, we’re beyond excited to come back to our beautiful office in Düsseldorf and are sure we’ll appreciate our agency life there even more! Next to interesting projects, we took the opportunity to bring some of our own concepts to reality and let out creativity space. This year, we designed two bottles to celebrate the end of the year. One that concludes this partly black year and one that gives a bright outlook.
Regardless of the challenges, 2020 was the year of our Heart’s Desires. Matching special needs arising from the pandemic, the project Heart’s Desires allowed us to spread some positivity and we are looking forward to a new year!

give instead of take: a better way to celebrate!

This is the motto of our Heart’s Desires. Our heart does not only beat for design. In 2020, it was our heart’s desire to have a special focus on the social and environmental impact we have as an agency. Until this year, every baries team member received a personal birthday gift. This year, we decided to donate that money instead to a good purpose. Therefore, everyone could individually select a charity of their choice. Less consumption – more happiness!
These are the organizations our team members selected:

baries design doates to many charity and help organizations

Check our Instagram highlights to see the variety of organizations that have been chosen so far by our team members for their birthday donations!


creative carnival – style meets sustainability!

Helau & Alaaf! Celebrating carnival in the Rhineland is a great tradition and provides the opportunity to dress up in funky costumes. Being located in Düsseldorf it is imperative that we dress up and we very much enjoy visiting our customers in a casual way. Of course, as a creative team we love to come up with a new costume every year and to surprise our clients and friends with a new, creative & trendy carnival-kit every year. However, carnival can bring about a lot of waste and is rather environmental-unfriendly. The costumes mostly consist of disposable items and the sweets and treats are wrapped in plastic. How did we solve this conflict?
This year, we have finally created our first sustainable carnival-kit! All treats we have given our customers have been locally manufactured in Düsseldorf and wrapped in paper to avoid plastics. The motto for our self-made costumes out of upcycled materials: Be Kings and Queens of hearts!

locally sourced gifts

In the course of the year, we are giving a few seasonal gifts to our customers and employees, which were under our motto Heart’s desires as well. As part of the mission, the gifts are regionally sourced and intended for a good cause. As an example: the summer gifts were fruity jams handmade by „Paul kocht“ – an initiative that offers work and acceptance to people with special needs. With natural ingredients and exclusive flavors such as ‚Aperol-Orange‘ or ‚Pear and Lime‘, the spreads didn’t only take care of our client’s summer vibes, but also meaningful work. All this of course packed with a self-illustrated baries design.

christmas love with small and social businesses

Now, going towards the end of the year, it is even more important to share some love with people who are important to you during the Advent time. The countdown towards Christmas has officially started and we are so excited to unpack the wonderful presents from our Adventsome calendar together with every team member day by day. Matching our Heart’s Desires motto, the Advent calendar contains four donations and 20 vegan products from start-ups to support small businesses. Each and every present is packed with love in social workshops – of course, in sustainable and reusable packaging.