Going Blonde for Summer with Palette Naturals!

Two years ago we developed the new Palette Naturals Color Creme packaging design for Schwarzkopf. However, in summer 2020 we‘re going blonde together! We created the new Palette Naturals „Go Blonde“ color creme and added a new lightening spray design.


Design Palette Naturals lightening range „Go Blonde“ for a natural „going blonde experience“ with organic Coconut & Argan Oil.


Schwarzkopf Palette Naturals Go Blonde and Baseline

Schwarzkopf Palette Naturals Go Blonde and Baseline


Our work

We are lucky that we continued with our brand Palette which we relaunched some time ago. And we could recently get ready for summer together! Meanwhile, we did now integrate a new lightening range to our well-known „Naturals“ brand- and packaging design.

Ready for summer?

To do so, we maintained the visual design code that we conceptually introduced:

  • The new subtitle „Go Blonde“ is placed in the „Naturals“ logo circle on the bottom right. As a result, it catches attention by the central placement. Additionally, highlighted through the new casual typography.  …Because casually sunkissed reflexes and natural blonde results need casual typo!


  • Coconuts are prominently highlighted on the coloration packaging within the ingredient icon on the bottom left and in the vertical bar on the right. Naturally and appetizing, inspired by food visualization.


  • Color Coding is a central aspect within the whole „Naturals“ range. Firstly, honey is for blondes, cloudberry for reds and cocoa butter for browns and blacks. Lighteners are traditionally coded with a light blue. In conclusion, we ensured that our ingredient visualization shows a lot of blue color. It actually served us to create a summery look and feel. For instance, the natural color powder in the background of the ingredient circles became a radial water splash. Likewise, the coconuts in the bar are embedded in fresh water. Cooling – for hot summers.


Schwarzkopf Palette Naturals Go Blonde Spray

Schwarzkopf Palette Naturals Go Blonde Spray



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