SISU – Non-alcoholic Spirit

SISU is a non-alcoholic spirit whose name stands for „mental quality“ in the Finnish language and embodies strength, endurance, courage, relentlessness and fighting spirit.

Non-alcoholic spirits are an alternative to conventional spirits. These spirits are sometimes produced in the same way as alcoholic spirits but involve special processes to remove the alcohol as a last step. SISU works with adaptogens which are herbal remedies that can help you combat mental or physical discomfort. They provide a biological boost that manages stress, strengthens your immunity and improves your overall well-being.

For centuries botanicals have been associated with traditional medicine, aromatherapy and herbal teas. Today consumers still perceive herbal substances as a „healthy halo“. Given the circumstances surrounding COVID-19 and to protect their own health, consumers see a positive link between these botanical extracts and emotional well-being.

SISU non-alcoholic spirit

SISU non-alcoholic spirit © 2023, baries design GmbH



When designing the label, it was of utmost importance to integrate the Finnish influence. Therefore we decided to incorporate the style of the Finnish flag into the label design.

The flag shown is tilted to the left and forms a diagonal from the bottom left to the top right. This inclination symbolises a positive spiritual development. The logo also contains a diagonal and aspirational element that underlines the concept of the brand.

SISU non-alcoholic spirit

SISU non-alcoholic spirit © 2023, baries design GmbH


Dosage & varieties

The 3 different varieties can be purchased in small pipette vials that can also serve as an additional flavour enhancer depending on your needs and taste.

The flavours are:
reishi mushroom / passion flower
shisandra berry / liquorice root
jiaogulan / Turmeric


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