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We are pretty Strong!

Look good, feel better! …is the motto of the DKMS patient program and also for the limited charity edition from Gliss Kur. Schwarzkopf takes responsibility and donates 20 Cent per pack to DKMS life. An association that takes care of the needs of women and girls with cancer – including beauty needs!

We are proud that we had the chance to support this social value project with our creativity and a pretty strong packaging design.

  • Communicate the charity project and additional social value
  • Keep the brand design and treatment type recognizable
  • Add an emotionality to the Gliss Kur packaging design orientated on the conceptual design innovation for Bio-Tech Restore.
  • evoke caring oils & focus on „caring oil and no ammonia-formula“


Our work

Special value projects require special packaging designs. This was our motto when we created the design for the Gliss Kur DKMS limited charity edition. Still, the products need to stay recognizable for the former user.

Branding & Color Coding

Gliss Kur chose three of their range treatments for the limited charity edition. Hence, the colors stay bold and the same according to the treatment type. Additionally, the logo positioning remains unchanged.

Schwarzkopf Gliss Kur DKMS Life Limited Charity Edition close up

Schwarzkopf Gliss Kur DKMS Life Limited Charity Edition close up packaging design


Communicating the Charity Value

Most importantly, we use the front sticker and top lid to integrate the DKMS logo and highlight the collaboration. Especially, the top lid offers us enough extra space for the explanation of the charity edition. The pink loop ribbon that we integrated is well-known in the context of DKMS, cancer and women empowerment and leads to an instant recognition of the topic.

Getting emotional

Like the loop ribbon, we loosened up the brands design ties on the packaging front.

Further, the front design catches attention with a naturally-technological visualization of the ingredients. Unlike the usual Gliss Kur designs, the ingredient is unboxed and enriched with natural elements. Both actions empower the brands special edition designs with a new emotionality.

However, a white, semi-transparent box is now used as background for the typo. It ensures clear space for the claims and proper readability. In particular, the limited editions include emotional statements that describe the values of the different treatments for the hair. Again, inspired by the loop ribbon, we combined a new curvy and bold typography for the exceptionally emotional claims and the exceptional project.

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In 2020, we designed the relaunch for Schwarzkopf’s professional coloration brand Syoss.
At the same time, the line extension Syoss Oleo Intense got a facelift with a baries packaging design.

  • modernize design
  • evoke caring oils & focus on „caring oil and no ammonia-formula“


Our design concept

To achieve the requested goals, we changed the logo background from black to gold. This strengthens Syoss Oleo Intense in comparison with the baseline and catches attention with a highly supreme look. Nevertheless, the dark brand look is still maintained. The other way around, the subtitle „oleo intense“ is now written in fine gold typo on black. But here too, reversing the color code appeals more premium.

Moreover, our main focus was to reinvent the oil visualization. It was most purposeful to keep the clear message of the drop shape but interpret it in a modern way, that underlines the intense care.

Therefore, we removed the abstract lights in the background and instead focused on the drop itself. Furthermore, we refined the shape and inner texture to arise a more premium and caring character that describes the supreme coloration formula. The extended peak that is dropping from the top adds a delicate dynamic and integrates the drop in a refined way into the layout.

The newly implemented serif typo on the drop is adding a luxurious attraction.

Syoss Oleo Intense Lightener Mood With Baseline Packs

Syoss Oleo Intense Lightener Mood With Baseline Packs


Also have a look at our packaging design in this stunning tv spot

Please note: Tv spot is not made by baries design
Schwarzkopf Syoss Oleo Intense hair coloration the web

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Matcha Tea is already booming as well known detox ingredient from food the food industry. Therefore, Henkel wanted to launch a matcha tea haircare product under the Schauma baseline. It cares for the hair lengths and tips intensely while deeply cleansing the hair roots like a “hair detox”.


The main goal was to develop the care & detox segment under Schauma baseline in order to broaden up a bit the target group as it’s a very appealing concept for younger woman.
The challenge here was to use the green color coding but need to differentiate vs. other green variants. We were allowed to be more playful with the ingredient. Last the design should be adapted to the conditioner.


Our work

To make the overall design popping out next to for example 7 herbs we decided to go with a green and brown color code instead of just plain green. The architecture of the label from Schauma Care & Detox with matcha should be the same as in the whole baseline but should still stand out. In order to that, we decided to be more playful with showing the ingredient. The matcha tea powder spreads around the shiny brown circle and connects with a cup of soy matcha tea in the left corner. This tea seems to be freshly brewed, which visually emphasizes the strengthening effect. And like every other visual on the Schauma haircare products, the matcha visual connects with the healthy and shiny hair of the model.

Schwarzkopf Schauma Care & Detox on the web

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In 2020 Schwarzkopf relaunched it’s professionally performing hair color brand Syoss with a baries packaging design.

  • Create a packaging design for a professional, but still approachable brand look & feel
  • Drive the main focus on the key benefits „precision & intensity“
  • Draw new attention on the hair color & refine the model approach
Our design concept

Syoss is Schwarzkopf’s professional hair color brand in the retail shelves. The brand ensures most precise and intense results, which should be more notably highlighted within this relaunch 2020.

Accordingly, we worked with a just as much precise visual concept. The front layout shows a new diagonal cut, that complementary to the model integrates immaculate hair texture. This new hair-triangle with the prominent shade number puts a new focus on the outstanding hair quality, which will be reached by using Syoss hair coloration. The sharp cut visualizes precision, whereas the diagonal shape adds a new modern dynamic, that is also found in the details of the new model approach. Also, the new elements do visualize the technological performance of the patented colorist ingredient mix.

Mood set up with Syoss baseline coloration packagings

Mood set up with Syoss baseline coloration packaging


Strengthening the brand

Regardless the new implementations, the brand personality is still pure and clear, due to the bold black main color. Furthermore, the successfully proven color coding in black, silver and red – or blue for the lightening shades – ensures the brand recognition to the current user. The brands traditional black professionalism is now additionally underlined by clear color differentiation. This applies especially in case of the old fading between the models head line and the logo on the previous design. The new clear line between the both with the anthracite background behind the model are now strengthening the logo on top, which has got a clear standing on black.

Besides the color differentiation, we kept the horizontal layout division in logo, model and text block. Likewise, the very individual block text design in the bottom area kept this layout. Yet, we simplified the text elements to strengthen the consumers focus and set a new content-related focus. Especially the lightener shades benefit from the new structure, that implements the „Levels of Lift“ in the text box for a clear contextual communication.

Syoss relaunch 2020 using instruction icons

Syoss baseline and lightener relaunch 2020 using instruction icons

Schwarzkopf Syoss Blond range mood

Syoss Blonde range design adaption


Surround design

The precise, salon-like color result is the brands key benefit and need to be communicated to the consumer with a more prominent approach. Accordingly, the typical color guidance system was moved from the back to the top of the pack. This sets a new focus on the clear match between recommended base colors and achievable color results.
We also did design the icons on the side of the packaging. They communicate the usage in the precise coloration process in a way that fits the clear visual approach of the new facing.

Model Approach Syoss Baseline Relaunch 2020

Model Approach Syoss Baseline Relaunch 2020

Model approach

The brand Syoss was seeking for a new model inspiration that keeps the professional brand identity but appears more approachable.
The brand is historically catching the consumers eye with unconventionally models with hidden eyes. Those have usually been covered by sharp fringe hair styles. Based on this, we kept the unique concept but modernized the style.

Now, the models have a dynamic hair cut line that covers the eyes in a more natural, not-perfect, more unexpected and approachable way. Nevertheless, the strong, mystery character and most importantly the perfectly professional hair quality are maintained.


Schwarzkopf Syoss colorationon the web

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Technology evolves with the Power of Nature

Gliss Kur by Schwarzkopf is well-known for longstanding expertise in hair technology. Nevertheless, natural ingredients play a big role in performing formulas. With the new Gliss Kur Bio-Tech Restore Schwarzkopf didn‘t only offer a new formula that combines both. Instead, together we also set a new focus on design. A visual breakthrough of the power of nature in technology!

  • Visualize the biological Phyto-Stem Cell Complex and Rose Water
  • Set a new focus on the power of nature in technology
  • Keep the brand identity recognizable
Gliss Kur Bio-Tech Restore technological mood composition

Gliss Kur Bio-Tech Restore shampoo, conditioner and hair mask with competence and strength


Our work

We have worked with Gliss Kur for over a decade. Following, we were excited about this new natural-technological approach and an innovative design for the new sub line Bio-Tech Restore!

„The Power of Nature“ – Visual

Our focus during the project was the visualization of the natural ingredients.

Starting with the rose water, we developed a new way of showing the traditional flower in a technological context. We visually used the X-Ray machine technology to show the rose blossom in a very detailed and enlightened cross-section. With this ambivalence between represented element and presentation style we mastered the challenge to unite natural ingredient with Gliss Kur’s technology approach. To stress the biological appearance, the flower is embedded in a liquid, which shape is amorphous and organic. Inside, Phyto-Stem Cells are showed with additional small pink liquid bubbles.

Besides, the communication is empowered with a new on top icon, that is claiming “The Power of Nature“. We designed a decent, graphic frame with a chemical form language that leaves open space for the visual.

The Power of Color

The color contrast between pink and green catches attention and enhances the natural impact. The specific green color tone distinguishes from classic organic products on the market and refers to the technological aspect. It also gives a more premium appeal.

The Power of innovative Design

All in all, the visual is the new main actor on the pack. Unlike previous Gliss Kur packaging designs, which show the technological visuals enclosed in a box. Now, a square is used for the text, whereas the visual is unboxed. The new text background ensures easy and structured readability. However, the light transparency leaves still room for the visual. The ingredients get particularly more space to catch attention with the innovative composition and colorful implementation of naturalness in technology.

Gliss Kur Bio-Tech Restore range close up

Gliss Kur Bio-Tech Restore range close up

Gliss Kur Bio-Tech Restore on the web

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