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Seasonal limited editions by Schwarzkopf Gliss Kur allow us creative freedom. Therefore, we had a lot of fun creating the limited edition design for Gliss Kur Winter Repair 2020.

Elegant and modern design for winter-stressed hair

The challenge

Contrary to the baseline range, the design should be more disruptive while reflecting the products winterly benefits. Furthermore, we should consider a few other aspects:

  • Keep the logo as it is
  • Use the new relaunch bottle design
  • Create an emotional story around the winter theme
Our work

Like in the years before, we were so excited to create the design for this seasonal range. By breaking up the usual brand structure, the Winter Repair edition differentiates more and more from the baseline. Luckily, this development gives us a lot of leeway to build the design.

Gliss Kur Winter Repair Limited Edition Design History

Gliss Kur Winter Repair 2020 Limited Edition Design

We used the new Gliss Kur bottle designed by baries design as the basis for the design. Thanks to the flowing shape, there is a bigger label and therefore more space for layout. Furthermore, to create a winterly atmosphere, we chose white as basic color. This clean basis also stands for the caring character. The abstract blue watercolor visual suggests an icy surface and transports the winterly coldness. In addition, golden lettering and snowflakes complete the design and create a luxurious look.
Moreover, the strong caring formula is explained by the powerful dark blue tones as well as through the product name lettering. While the word “Repair” states the technological part through a sans serif font, the handwritten word “Winter” communicates the caring aspect.
All these style elements create a look & feel that brings the emotional winterly atmosphere to the bathroom and still conveys the years of expertise that Gliss Kur stands for.
Gliss Kur Winter Repair 2020 Limited Edition Range Mood

Gliss Kur Winter Repair 2020 Limited Edition Range Mood

Schwarzkopf Gliss Kur Winter Repairon the web

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Meet the new Gliss Kur!

In 2020 Gliss Kur by Schwarzkopf got a holistic relaunch, so it starts this new decade with a complete modernized look. With this relaunch we are not only celebrating a new brand- and packaging design but also more than 10 years of collaboration between Gliss Kur and baries design.

Schwarzkopf Gliss Kur hero Total Repair range relaunch design

Schwarzkopf Gliss Kur Total Repair range relaunch design


A new milestone

Gliss Kur has always been the hair expert among the hair care brands. Nowadays, it is more than that: It is a lifestyle product, that offers solutions to all hair issues. Accordingly, the technological brand perception shifted to a more lifestyle oriented natural and sporty look.
With this relaunch we were able to create the next milestone within the brand design history.

Schwarzkopf Gliss Kur relaunch design small range overview

Schwarzkopf Gliss Kur relaunch design small range overview


Our work
  • brand strategy
  • packaging design
  • logo design
  • POS design
  • e-commerce content (amazon+)

The power of nature in technology

To transform the strong technological brand impression to a more natural and sporty approach, we finally released the visual out of its box. That means, that we excluded the technological visual from a text box and gave it its own space to stand out.
This transition already started in the last year with the designs for the new Gliss Kur product lines Bio-Tech Restore and Nutri-Balance Repair within the pre-relaunch portfolio. Both sorts already set the focus on a combination of technological performance and the power of nature.  
Schwarzkopf successfully introduced our new design language to the market. So, our pre-relaunch approach was continued for the actual relaunch. The outstanding way of presenting the power of nature in technology to the whole portfolio was a natural consequence. 

The power of design

According to the new brand strategy, the key visuals on the bottles have been shifted outside the text box. They partially show natural ingredients of which the style has been inspired by X-ray machine pictures. Most importantly, all of these natural elements are embedded in amorphous liquids, that give a microbiological impression – perfectly combining nature with technology. In summary, the unboxing and modern organic shapes create a new emotionality and natural touch.


Schwarzkopf Gliss Kur Split Hair Miracle range relaunch design 2020

New Schwarzkopf Gliss Kur Split Hair Miracle range design 2020


The new Gliss Kur design masters the challenge to unite natural ingredients with technology.

However, Schwarzkopf Gliss Kur stays the expert in hair technology and needs to maintain the strong communication of its benefits. To follow up, the square from the previous design is now used as text background. This allows the recognition of the brand for former customers. Additionally, it does ensure the proper readability and clear structure of the text. 
Thanks to design structure and new bottle shape, Gliss Kur gained a cleaner look and a reduced appearance. Besides, it is also relieving that stickers on the bottle fronts are now history – thanks to Henkel‘s sustainability strategy.



The new Gliss Kur bottles

The new Gliss Kur bottles for shampoo and conditioner are probably the main driver for the new brand elegance. They are inspired by the bottle shapes of the more elegant Chinese Gliss Kur sister brand “Extra Care“.  

We kept the characteristic shoulders for the new shape. But, the new contour interprets them softer and therefore with more modernity and elegance. The shoulders and the new cap do now merge perfectly together. This innovation creates a single soft outline that fits the new natural influence. Moreover, the flat cap and high shoulders let the bottle appear a little taller than before. The bottle-to-cap ratio is certainly strengthening the bottle and shelf impact. Through this emerging shape with the slimmed waist, a female touch is added and the elegance stressed even further.


Gliss Kur relaunch bottle 3D sketch compilation

Both, the key visual and bottle shape are now characterized by organic shapes, instead of hard edges.

Furthermore, we created an increased consistency with a uniform black cap throughout the whole range. This empowers the brand block appearance on shelf. At second glance, another fine detail get‘s revealed: The Schwarzkopf logo icon is embossed in the cap‘s top and finishes the new elegance.

Gliss Kur relaunch cap top view 3D

Brand logo relaunch

In consequence of the new brand identity, the logo got a modern facelift.

  • Since this relaunch, the text line “Kur“ is written in a new light font to set focus on “Gliss“ and strengthen the brand perception. This thin typography does also add a new elegance.
  • On top, the letters themselves are slightly refined to be more elegant and clear.
  • Additionally, we deleted the line under „Hair Repair“ to gain a more modern simplicity.
Now, the logo is slightly wider. Therefore it keeps the same impact even though we shifted some boldness into lighter elegance. To sum up, these actions make the brand appear more modern, sophisticated and premium.



+10 years Gliss Kur & baries design brand strategy

Gliss Kur has been one of our first brands and continued the long term collaboration for over ten years. As a result, this brought us to this 2020 design, which is an exceptional step in terms of modernity and brand perception. Once again we are not only celebrating a new milestone in the history of Gliss, but also in that of baries! It is part of what makes us to experts – not only for the design but also brand strategy.

Timeline visualization of Schwarzkopf Gliss Kur Total Repair from 2000 to 2020

Timeline visualization of Schwarzkopf Gliss Kur Total Repair from 2000 to 2020


New brand communication design

In conclusion, it is worth mentioning that we from baries design not only redesigned the packaging, but also shaped the visual impact of the brand identity. From now on, the communication style of Schwarzkopf Gliss Kur is modern and purely minimalist. Accents will be highlighted with bold bars. While white became the main color of the brand, black changed from a background color to an accent color.

New Schwarzkopf Gliss Kur minimalistic visual identity in communication

New Schwarzkopf Gliss Kur visual identity in communication


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Schwarzkopf Gliss Kur on the web

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One of the most successful launches in 2015

We‘re getting nostalgic and it‘s time for a little throwback.
Maybe you haven‘t heard of Keratin Color, but since its launch in the USA exclusively in Walmart in 2015 it has become one of the leading brands in the retail sector. The products with the holistic packaging design by baries design have been rolled out nationwide in all retail channels in the USA and Canada since January 2016.
Schwarzkopf has received nine of the leading beauty awards in the US, including the prestigious „Allure Best of Beauty Award“, the „US Product of the Year Award“ and the „Product of the Year USA“ in 2017.

Award Winning Schwarzkopf Keratin Color

Award Winning Schwarzkopf Keratin Color

The creation of new brands is one of the core competencies of baries desgin. So, the successful design of Keratin Color began with a pitch to which Schwarzkopf invited us. Therefore, it is not surprising that we won this competition.

The challenge

At the time of publication, the new formulation with pre-color serum and K-Bond PlexTM for younger, fuller looking hair should be obvious at first glance. It should be clear, that this new coloration treats the hair while coloring through new technological properties.

The briefing

There were a few, but significant, ideas from the client that we were to serve in the creation:

  • Color code: dark purple, black and Silver
  • Communicate: 1st permanent pro-age coloration
  • Model approach: optimistic, experienced, active & vital (age: end 30 – middle 40)

One harmonic and expressive packaging design

Our work

Keratin is a water-soluble fiber protein and consists of amino acid chains that are arranged in a helical pattern. The more of these structures are present, the more they can strengthen the hair. Keratin is the main component of the novel formula. Therefore, the purple drop with the red molecular helix inside immediately catches the eye. It visualizes the technology of coloration, which both nourishes and strengthens. Deep colors and strong contrasts underline the power and performance of this formula. The particulate background directs the eye to the information, which in turn is linked to the model‘s hair by a silver line. This results in a harmonic and expressive overall picture, in which the logo Keratin Color is the center of attention.

Logo development

Since the holistic packaging design was created from one source, the logo was naturally also developed by us to match the overall appearance. The extended line from the „K“ symbolizes a keratin fiber and at the same time combines the two words „keratin“ and „color“ into one unit. Additional, the softness of the font reflects the caring properties. Finally, a contrast of white and dark red allows for a very good recognition value.

Model approach

The model approach originates from baries design as well. Only the age group (30 – 40 years) and an optimistic basic attitude with modern femininity was specified. We choose to cut the faces to offer a lot of space to stage the beautiful dyeing result and to link it with the informative texts. This way of showing a model on a coloration package was revolutionary at that time and has opened up many design possibilities ever since.

Schwarzkopf Keratin Color on the web

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Technology evolves with the Power of Nature

Gliss Kur by Schwarzkopf is well-known for longstanding expertise in hair technology. Nevertheless, natural ingredients play a big role in performing formulas. With the new Gliss Kur Bio-Tech Restore Schwarzkopf didn‘t only offer a new formula that combines both. Instead, together we also set a new focus on design. A visual breakthrough of the power of nature in technology!

  • Visualize the biological Phyto-Stem Cell Complex and Rose Water
  • Set a new focus on the power of nature in technology
  • Keep the brand identity recognizable
Gliss Kur Bio-Tech Restore technological mood composition

Gliss Kur Bio-Tech Restore shampoo, conditioner and hair mask with competence and strength


Our work

We have worked with Gliss Kur for over a decade. Following, we were excited about this new natural-technological approach and an innovative design for the new sub line Bio-Tech Restore!

„The Power of Nature“ – Visual

Our focus during the project was the visualization of the natural ingredients.

Starting with the rose water, we developed a new way of showing the traditional flower in a technological context. We visually used the X-Ray machine technology to show the rose blossom in a very detailed and enlightened cross-section. With this ambivalence between represented element and presentation style we mastered the challenge to unite natural ingredient with Gliss Kur’s technology approach. To stress the biological appearance, the flower is embedded in a liquid, which shape is amorphous and organic. Inside, Phyto-Stem Cells are showed with additional small pink liquid bubbles.

Besides, the communication is empowered with a new on top icon, that is claiming “The Power of Nature“. We designed a decent, graphic frame with a chemical form language that leaves open space for the visual.

The Power of Color

The color contrast between pink and green catches attention and enhances the natural impact. The specific green color tone distinguishes from classic organic products on the market and refers to the technological aspect. It also gives a more premium appeal.

The Power of innovative Design

All in all, the visual is the new main actor on the pack. Unlike previous Gliss Kur packaging designs, which show the technological visuals enclosed in a box. Now, a square is used for the text, whereas the visual is unboxed. The new text background ensures easy and structured readability. However, the light transparency leaves still room for the visual. The ingredients get particularly more space to catch attention with the innovative composition and colorful implementation of naturalness in technology.

Gliss Kur Bio-Tech Restore range close up

Gliss Kur Bio-Tech Restore range close up

Gliss Kur Bio-Tech Restore on the web

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