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GLISS label relaunch 2024 – Revolutionizing haircare: Unveiling the new GLISS experience

GLISS KUR has always been the expert in hair care. Today, it offers solutions for all hair problems and is more than just a hair care product – it is a lifestyle product. The technological brand perception has accordingly shifted to a lifestyle-orientated, natural look for the GLISS label relaunch 2024.

We are proud to work as the lead agency for GLISS KUR and bring the new products to market. With 15 years of experience in beauty packaging, we are a reliable partner for innovative and contemporary design.
The icon has always been crucial to the visual identity of the GLISS KUR brand. When creating the packaging, our priority was to preserve the brand essence and visual characteristics to ensure its recognition in the market. Therefore, we simplified the icon to strengthen the portfolio.

It’s amazing! I have been designing the brand image of Schwarzkopf Gliss packaging for 25 years, since 2009 with my own agency and the baries design team. Joana-Maria Bauchwitz, owner and creative director of baries design

Henkel, Love Nature label relaunch 2022, laundry detergent close up

Schwarzkopf, GLISS label relaunch 2024, Ultimate Repair hair care

As part of the redesign of GLISS KUR’s visual identity, the brand logo has been given a contemporary facelift. Further, the name GLISS KUR now stands strongly as GLISS only. It embodies a sophisticated and high-quality image. This strategic reduction on the label not only emphasizes the modern appeal of the brand, but also creates more space for visual representations and enables a focused and refined presentation.

Gliss‘ Aqua Revive collection was launched in 2020 and achieved remarkable success due to its distinctive aesthetic. Its design features a liquid sphere surrounded by caustic reflections and floristic algae-inspired leaves, which conveys a sense of well-being, relaxation, and wellness.
New packaging design elements were carefully selected to enhance the overall visual concept. The success of the collection prompted us to incorporate the icon’s visualization into the brand design. In line with the new brand strategy, we have intentionally positioned the most important visual elements outside the conventional text field.

Schwarzkopf GLISS maintains its position as a hair technology expert, emphasizing its unique advantages. To reinforce this message, we have included the square element from the previous design as a background for the text. This strategic decision not only enhances brand recognition among our current customers, but also ensures optimal readability and a well-defined textual structure. Thanks to the design structure, GLISS has achieved a cleaner and more minimalist appearance.

Haptiq Icon

Moreover, we also created the Haptiq System icon. This transformative and distinctive symbol with a competent touch was designed to transcend categories from coloration to care and styling. The black and white color code effortlessly blends into communication. Consumers will experience the tactile touch, accompanied by the integration of IQ, reaffirming the brand’s dedication to intelligent hair solutions.


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The new Syoss China styling relaunch is chic and effortless

In 2022 Schwarzkopf released the new Syoss China styling relaunch, developed with baries design.
The range is empowered by Japanese ingredients & craftmanship. Efficient, yet caring – tough on hold and gentle on the hair. Qualities that are reflected in the design.

Schwarzkopf, Syoss China, styling range relaunch 2021, developed with baries design

Schwarzkopf, Syoss China, styling, relaunch 2022, developed with baries design


The design features fashionable salon-expertise representing an urban and modern style.


Syoss is a hair styling range with formulas developed and used by professional hairdressers and hairstylists. The Syoss formulas are especially designed to meet the specific needs of each hairstyle. With the new MicroSculpt particles (fine micro-polymers) it is possible to achieve long-lasting hold while creating an invisible and effortless finished look. This new lightweight formula contains Japanese ingredients and conditioning agents for better care and nourishment of the hair.

When designing the hair styling range, it was important to retain the benefits of the previous design language which featured eye-catching colours as well as consistent, clear product information. In addition, the colours helped the customer to distinguish more easily between the different product lines. The objective was to redesign the packaging in order to incorporate the new “Syoss care concept” inspired by J-Beauty. In response to the demand for non-harmful styling ingredients, the brand’s mission was to create a design language that reflects these new values. Thus the design should be minimalist, clean, unisex, of high quality and well organized. Moreover, the design should incorporate the styling category look and be eye-catching on shelve.

The colour gradient on the iconic black Syoss container guarantees strong shelf impact. Depending on each selected Japanese ingredient the gradient on the container varies in colour. Additionally, the design includes an innovative and artistic icon, picturing the hold level. This eye-catching detail also embodies the professional aspect of the design. The design shows fashionable Salon-expertise representing an urban and modern style.


Smart chic, effortless elegance and a trustworthy quality merge in this exceptional design.



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„bathe your family in love“

In February 2022 Schwarzkopf launched the new design for its global brand Schauma which has an important history and expertise in providing hair care for the entire family. The new slogan „bathe your family in love“ symbolizes the transformation of the brand from a reserved brand to the new „Family, Love & Care“ brand.

Every child loves playing outside in the mud and exploring on little adventures. Once they come home, a lovely bath is waiting for them to spoil and clean their little bodies and enjoy quality time with their family. That’s what the global hair care brand Schauma is associated with for more than 80 years. We don’t have to point out how important relaunches are for brands with such a long-standing identity. Therefore in 2022 Schauma – a subsidiary of the umbrella brand Schwarzkopf – had its amazing second transformation for which baries design created a packaging design in collaboration with Bodo Warden (structural packaging design) to support the brand’s complete relaunch.


Our work

From a strategic point of view, we had to ask ourselves at the beginning of the project how far we could go with a fresh and new brand identity in order to retain all existing loyal customers, while at the same time attract new ones. Thus, when designing the product, it was of utmost importance to create a unified yet strong Schauma look that would speak to people in the same way.

Apart from triggering the emotionality and authenticity of the brand, it was very important to simplify Schauma’s large portfolio for it to appear as one brand. The aim was a fusion of the Baseline with all subcategories like Teens, Nature Moments & Men to evoke a harmonious overall feel. With more than 60 products, creating a different packaging design in terms of individual bottle and cap colors for each and every one of them is economically as well as environmentally just not sustainable. We’ve consulted the brand’s team to simplify the color scheme of the wide product range and made the brand even more environmentally friendly. As the aspect of naturality and sustainability is of major importance regarding the large portfolio and development process, the new Schauma bottle is made of 100% recycled material.

Schauma, Schwarzkopf hair care brand, design relaunch 2022, developed with baries design

A simplified color scheme for the whole Schauma portfolio

From an aesthetic point of view, it was necessary to create a consistent color scheme to calm the entire portfolio. Thus, the color of the bottle now matches the color of the cap. And yet, with over 60 SKUs, the large portfolio appears like a colorful rainbow that caters for everyone’s taste. Moreover, for a long time the design of the brand’s hair care products has featured a model on the bottels’ front label. From 2022, this design will be discontinued.

Instead, we created a calmer design to simplify its diversity. Together with the monochrome color approach this results in a harmonization of the overall design impression. As vegan formulas with natural ingredients are used, we decided to emphasize those ingredients and put a lot of effort into creating unique ingredient visualization. In order to stand out from the competition and stage a strong on-shelf presence, we wanted to achieve a natural & premium look and feel. The design of the ingredient is arranged in a circular way, alluding to Schauma’s legacy and its previous design relaunch.

Schauma, Schwarzkopf hair care brand, design relaunch 2022, developed with baries design

Design relaunches since 2019 done by baries design

As „Schaum“ means „foam“ in Englisch, the brand’s name „Schauma“ implies that foam is of particular importance to the brand. Since the brand’s early days foam has always been used as a marketing cue in all communication like TVCs, packaging design, advertisement, print material, logo etc. More recently, however, the Schauma brand has lost its foam connection in communication and design. In order to bring back this historical cue, we intended to give the design an impression of lightness and smoothness. The foam is now part of the new impactful & caring Schauma logo. Due to its simple and clean typography the logo no longer has to assert itself against the complexity of the label design. In addition, the white foamy outline gives the logo a standing on its own – the modernized blue color tone refers to the brand’s legacy and strengthens the customers‘ trust in the brand. The simple & minimalist typography completes the design and ensures a coherent overall look & feel.

As a team, we’ve been very excited to support the brand’s relaunch twice in a row with our expertise and knowhow of innovative packaging design.

It’s been an absolute pleasure and we cannot wait for the awesome designs to hit the shelves!

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In 2021 Schwarzkopf relaunched the new Extra Care range for China, developed with baries design.

scientific performance meets natural beauty

With over 70 years of expert hair experience, Extra Care stands for targeted formulas for all hair types that repair the hair strand from inside and outside to ensure healthy and resistant hair. Customers are offered smart hair solutions thanks to the latest technologies that combine the best of science and nature for healthy, resilient hair and an outstanding performance.

Our work

When designing the Extra Care series, we had to consider that hair care experts are driven by Schwarzkopf’s salon image, which means that the product should be perceived as professional, high-quality and innovative. Therefore, when designing the Extra Care range it was important to visually reinterpret the significant circular icon. Instead of a closed circle, we opted for an open circle that conveys a sense of lightness and movement. Thus, the respective natural ingredient is surrounded by swooshing water, oil or cream. In combination with the small graphical icon of the ‘Bio restore complex’, the overall impression is innovative and of high quality. The icon itself should reflect the combination of technology and natural ingredients and symbiotically form a unity.
Furthermore, when designing the 3D shape of the bottle we tried to take the characteristic wavy shoulder of the old bottle into consideration and reinterpreted it in a more feminine and delicate way. The bottle is slimmer and gives an impression of elegance and high quality. Additionally, the bottle caps were replaced by pump dispensers which stress the selective approach. Together with the icon, the overall appearance is harmonious.

Schwarzkopf APAC Extra Care range, RL 2021, developed with baries design

Schwarzkopf APAC Extra Care range, RL 2021, developed with baries design


Design tonality

Competent, performing, caring, indulgent, feminine, approachable, technological, science powered by nature, innovative, modern, high quality, trust
Schwarzkopf APAC Extra Care range, RL 2021, developed with baries design  


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Let‘s cheer for more got2b Happy Hours with this fun limited design edition!

The got2b Happy Hour hairspray is the hero among got2b hairsprays by Schwarzkopf. For that reason, it is celebrated with a limited packaging design edition that makes night owls want to style their hair right away!
Like the brand itself, the limited hairspray line speaks to its audience with a characteristically casual & strong voice. Thus, the designs feature styling statements like „Let your hair do the talking“ or „Make each hair flip fabulous“. This resonates with the tone of the brand’s young & funky audience who celebrates happy hours and a „24 hour hold“ styling loud & lively.

Schwarzkopf Got2b, Happy Hour Hairspray, Limited Edition 2021, packaging design, developed with baries design

Schwarzkopf Got2b, Happy Hour Hairspray, Limited Edition 2021, packaging design, developed with baries design


Our work

The bold statements of our design clearly deserve a bold and characteristic typography. Reinforced by funky illustrations, they match the tone of the statements. Undoubtedly this hairspray is for nightlife queens who want to shine like diamonds and seek a wow-factor styling!
For them not to miss this limited edition of Happy Hour hairspray in shelf, the blue and lilac colour tone of the initial product is kept. New elements were added between the design frame of the logo and the product information. Moreover, they are printed as a digital label and seamlessly pasted on top of the original design. Therefore the short term design variation is quickly arranged and available in the stores.
We enjoyed creating this clever & fun limited product line with all its shout-outs for many more happy hour stylings!

Schwarzkopf Got2b, Happy Hour Hairspray (left) and Happy Hour Hairspray limited Edition 2021 (right, developed with baries design)

Schwarzkopf Got2b, Happy Hour Hairspray (left) and Happy Hour Hairspray limited Edition 2021 (right, developed with baries design)


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