“A summer day outside” – for a beautiful summer at home

It’s finally summer! Due to the pandemic, travelling around the world is still easier said than done for most people. But luckily you don’t have to travel far to feel the sun and summer breeze on your face. Flower fields, bike rides and lovely patterned summer dresses are just a few of the things that turn a summer at home into fun.

If we think about summer at baries design, the Summer Repair line by Gliss Kur is one of the first things that pop up in our mind as in recent years we were consulted to design its limited packaging edition.
This year, we give the consumers a summer feeling without showing exotic beaches or sceneries. „A summer day outside“ is the theme of the Summer Repair design 2021.

But this is not the only reason why this year’s summer edition is special: for the first time we will design our summer edition straight onto our brand-new bottle shapes which we developed during the Gliss Kur relaunch last year!


Our work

The Gliss Kur summer repair edition is a product the consumers are looking forward to every summer. They love spending time outside in the sun. However, sun exposure, salt water and chlorine can cause damage leading to faded colour and dry hair. Consumers want to enjoy the summer without worrying about possible hair damage and thus appreciate beauty products with an emotional design they can relate to.

Therefore, the new summer repair design has a strong colour coding and design elements that evoke an enjoyable summer feeling. Especially the big pink flower in the centre of the design alludes to the floral scent of the formula. It sits on top of a light blue background that symbolizes the fresh blue of the summer sky. The blue colour complements the yellow bottle that stands for the warmth of the sun. Additionally, the design is topped off by a colourful and playful pattern. All in all, the composition reflects the warm feeling of a beautiful summer day outside.

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